Manchester Themed Gifts and Clothing

Manchester Bee Gifts and Manchester T-Shirts

We are Manc and proud! Are you?

Whether you are Manc born and bred or Manny is your adopted city, Manchester is your home now.  And in this diverse and vibrant city, is our life and soul. We celebrate it’s rich industrial history, we celebrate the music and ‘Madchester’, we celebrate the football and we celebrate the food from all corners of the world… we are MCR!

Show your pride with a Manchester themed gift for yourself, your family or friends! Our MCR Worker Bee design t-shirts are just the thing, in fact they are the Bee’s Knees!!!

So start by choosing one of our MCR bee designs – from the classic symbol of our city to one that also shows the iconic Manchester skyline in silhouette. Then, choose between a custom hoodie, personalised tote bag, personalised mug and in these times, a customised face mask! All designs are available in a wide range of colours and items. All of our designs can also be customised and personalised however you like, just let us know what you want!

Or, start with one of our t-shirt design ideas and then add your own text or images to make it 100% unique.

The Manchester Worker Bee is one of the best known symbols of the city. It originally stood as a symbol of the hard working nature of the city – how the city was born of industry. In recent times, the MCR Worker Bee has become a symbol of unity, strength and resilience.

Manc & Proud! We stand together!